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Nime refers to Japanese man-drawn or computer-animated productions. It includes animated TV series, short movies, and full-length films that offer insights into Japanese culture and lifestyle. The term anime is derived from the English word animation to describe all animated works, irrespective of style or origin. Regardless of race, tradition, socioeconomic status, or age, this richly fascinating form of art represents an interesting narrative, flashing action, compelling personalities, aesthetic imagery, and the human emotions that strong relationship and community values. Anime genres usually involve a range of genres including magic, adventure, romance, supernatural elements, research, fantasy, comedy, and action that provide an easy escape from the harsh reality of worldly life, a rare combination of the graphic arts, characterization, and other creative methods. Attractive, smart or simply awesome powerful female characters are as enchanting as anime men. The names of female characters are strong, adorable, or stylish and depict the ferocious nature of lovely vampires or adorable damsels. The character names of animate girls are as great as the leading ladies of animation, which inspire and challenge us to see women in animation. Packed with spunk, these common anime girl names are gaining worldwide popularity in action-packed pieces or in artistic works.


Famous Girl Anime Names With Meanings

You don’t have to watch an animation series or play an anime video game to choose one of the cool names of anime babies, which connects identity with individuality. Select the name of your little angel from the carefully compiled cute anime baby names with sweet sounds and spiritual meanings.

  1. Akeno

This name means “bright shining field.” This Japanese name. She’s a high school character DXD.

  1. ACTION.

This name in Japan means ‘bright man’ from the Fruits Basket anime.=

  1. Akane Akane.

This Japanese is called “deep red.” Akane Serizawa, a small character in the Pani Poni manga series.

  1. Asuka.

This name in Japan means “tomorrow,” “smell,” or “perfume.” The anime Neon Genesis Evangelion is a fictional character.

  1. Friendly

This name means “beloved” or “beautiful” of Latin, Persian and Japanese origin. Ami Kawashima is a Toradora anime character and light novel.

6 Asami

This Japanese name means “hemp” or “future.” Ryūichi Asami can be found in the Anime Finder Series.

  1. Aletta.

Found in Another World Anime Restaurant, the name Aletta means in Spanish “

8 winged one.”

 The Japanese word for ‘color’ is Ayano Ayano. She’s the protagonist of Hanebad’s anime.

  1. Balalaika;

Balalaika is found in the anime Black Lagoon and refers to a stringed Russian-born instrument.

  1. Boa Boa

Boa is an Urdu name that means the anime One Piece’s ‘Sister.’


Nice Girl Names Anime

Your girl character deserves a nice name for Anime.

If you want your choice to be adorable, or anime girl names ‘Kawaii’ with meaningful significance, here is the list for you. These names can be used to name your future baby for your gaming character.

  1.  Ai (Japanese) – the word “love” in Japan
  2. . Ayu (Japanese origin) – meaning “wonderful.” This name is ideal for the character of a girl.
  3.  Chinatsu – that name may mean “thousand summers” or “sage summers.”
  4.  Fubuki (from Japan) – the name is “snowstorm”
  5. . Kanna – means ‘summer waves’ 71.
  6. . Kobato – is the Japanese word for “pigeon.”
  7. Latifa – that name may mean either “smooth” or “pleasant.”
  8. . Madoka – that name has three meanings, “circle,” “flower” or “aroma.”
  9. . Naru (Japanese) means “to become.” “to become.”
  10. . Nene (native Japanese) – means “quiet.”

Unique Name Of Animation For Girls

Akihiro – Japanese in origin and means great luminosity.

Amaterasu – means a brilliant heaven and comes from Japan.

Arata – This name has two new or fresh meanings and comes from Japanese origins.

Atsuko – This is a kind child and comes from Japan.

Atsushi – of Japanese origin and means the leader or director.

Ayaka – means a dynamic flora and comes from Japan.

Ayame – This name is a Japanese translation for the iris of the eyes.

Ayumu – original Japanese and means vision.

Chie – Means intellect and wisdom and comes from Japan.

Chiharu – of Japanese origin and a thousand spring seasons.

Chinatsu – this name means a thousand summer seasons and comes from Japan.


ANime Girl Names: Anime Girls Popular + Nice & Cool Names

There are so many nice anime girl names, it was difficult for me to know when I first tried to include names in this article’s list!

It somehow feels like the names of girls in an animated range from common and ridiculously adorable to unusual and so magnificently unique in how insane they are.

I grew up and looked at a large amount of anime, from Inuyasha (probably my favorite ever, probably for reasons of nostalgia), to Sailor Moon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, to Cowboy Bebop and Fruit Basket & even Chobits.

Even in this small sample size of animes, in this series, you have an insane variety of girl names.

Kagome, Kikyo (what a fantastic name!) and perhaps my favorite name ever anime with cuteness up a roof – Sango are the main races in Inuyasha

The characters in Sailor Moon have different names according to whether you watched the original version of Japanese, or English dubbed. I’ve been watching Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita (I always thought her name is Rita growing up for some reason), Mina, and Rini.

But I would have met those characters like Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, and Chibiusa if I’d watched the Japanese version subbed in place of English dubs.

When it came to the girls, there were Tohru & Isuzu in Fruits Basket. Chobits? Chi (what a name, Kawaii!) and Freya.


So these guys are the cool and fantastic animated girl names we share in different categories with you.

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