Best Ways to Type Approximately Equal Symbol in Word/Excel

Best Ways to Type Approximately Equal Symbol in Word

About a time, measurement or quantity is near — but this is not precise. Whether you want to meet your buddy at about 2:00, if you are a little early or late, then it will be alright. It is rooted approximately in the Latin word “almost.” So, it implies roughly “around” or “near to.” If you say that someone is around 70 people at dinner then you anticipate 70 people, but the real amount might be a little over 70 people.

Methods To Insert Approximately Equal Symbol In Word

When you write in Word, certain arithmetic symbols may sometimes need to be included in the text, such as an approximately same symbol. But how can you put an equal sign into Word, without a button which allows you to write it directly?

Method 1: Insert Around The Same Symbol

  • Switch to Insert tab, open the Word document.
  • In the drop down list, click on Symbol and press More Symbols.
  • Select Font as regular text in the tab of the pop-out window and change Subset to the Mathematical Operators from Unicode (hex).
  • Just pick the one you need and press Insert to add it.

Method 2: How About The Same Symbol May Be Used

  • You may also write it directly instead of selecting certain symbols in a lengthy list.
  • On your keyboard, in effect, there is no such thing as the same symbol. But hit [Alt] and enter simultaneously the appropriate Unicode value.
  • Here is a collection of shortcuts you may also copy and paste into your text for typing the frequently used mathematical symbols.

Method 3: Insert Around The Same Microsoft Equation Symbol

You may also insert the symbol from it, but first, add it to your document.

  • To insert a tab, under the text section, click Object and choose Object.
  • In creating a new menu, choose Microsoft Equation 3.0. To do so, click OK.
  • You may click and click the Relation Symbols section to broaden the menu, then pick a roughly equal symbol in the down list to enter it. A cursor textbox will appear next to the cursor.

How To Type Approximately Equal sign (≈) In Excel/PowerPoint

In Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, there are many ways to enter any symbol.

In this part, I’ll provide you the many ways you may use to type or insert in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint the about equal number of symbols. Let’s get to work without any further ado.

1: Using The Approximately Equal Alt Code For Windows

There is no dedicating key on the keyboard in ‘Approximately equal’ a sign or symbol. You may simply enter this symbol utilizing the Alt Numpad input technique also known as the Alt Code method if you are using a Windows PC. You may accomplish this by hitting the Alt key and holding the number (247) on the numeric keypad that indicates the approximately equal symbol. Follow instructions to input the alt code method of this symbol:

  • Place the place of insertion where the symbol is needed.
  • Hold on to your keyboard and press the Alt key.
  • Press the alt code of the symbol while holding the Alt key (247). To enter the alt code, you have to use the number keypad. This technique may not work for you if you use a laptop without a numerical keypad. There is a secret numerical keyboard on a number of computers that you may use by pressing on the keyboard with Fn+NmLk keys.
  • Release the Alt key to put the symbol in your document after you enter digits on the numeric keypad.

2: Using The Approximately Equal Shortcut For Mac

The Approximately Equal symbol Mac keyboard shortcut is Option+X. Follow the steps below to write this symbol on Mac using the above-mentioned keyboard shortcut:

  • Put the insertion pointer first of all where this symbol is required.
  • Hold down and press the option and press X on your keyboard once.

With this keyboard shortcut, anywhere on your Mac computer, you may enter the approximately equal sign.

3: Copy And Paste Approximately Equal

My preferred method: copy and paste is another simple approach to put almost equal signals on every PC. Everywhere, in Word, Excel or PowerPoint, this option operates. You just need to copy the symbol for Windows users from anywhere, such as a web page or a character map, then go back to the place where you have to add the symbol and press Ctrl+V.

Below is the copy and paste sign for you in your paper. Just pick and copy Ctrl+C, switch to the desired place, and press Ctrl+V to paste. To copy and paste an almost identical symbol using the Character map dialog, follow the instructions below for window users.

  • Search for Character Map by clicking on the Start button.
  • In the search results, click on the Character Map app or hit Enter.
  • The Open dialog on the Character Map. To enlarge the window for additional choices, click on the Advanced view check box.
  • Type Almost Equal in the advanced view.
  • You should now just see the About equal sign in the dialog on the map of the character. To select it, double-click the icon. Click on the Select button alternatively.
  • Hit the Copy button once you have selected the symbol.
  • Go now (in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) wherever you need to, and use Ctrl+V to paste.

4: Using Insert Symbol Dialog Box

The Symbol dialog box insert is a symbol library from which you may insert any symbol with a few mouse clicks into your Word document. Follow instructions in the Insert Symbol Dialog box to insert the Approximately Equal Symbol in Word.

  • To insert the symbol, click on the insertion cursor.
  • Go to the Insert tab. Go to the Insert tab.
  • Click on the symbol down and choose More Symbols in the category of the symbol.
  • The dialog box for the symbol is shown. Select the symbols in this category, which contains approximately the same sign, from the subset drop-down selection for the mathematical operators.
  • Click the Insert button and choose the symbol. Although you want to add it to your document, double click on the symbol.
  • Close the dialogue. Close the dialogue.

5: Using AutoCorrect To Type Approximately Equal Symbol In Word

The AutoCorrect function in Word is another method of getting almost equal value.

AutoCorrect in MS Word is an instrument intended to fix orthographer errors such as this. This function enables you to assign the symbols you type to your document frequently. For example, you may give this symbol a shortcode like APROX= if you often enter the symbol Approximately the same. When you write APROX= the text, Word will assume that you intend to type TIM and transform it automatically into the About Equality sign.

What I appreciate about the AutoCorrect tool is that whatever code you choose is assigned to the symbol, and when you enter the code it is more than happy to insert it. The instructions following are without further ado.

  • Go to the Register to insert. Click on the symbol down and choose More Symbols in the category of the symbol.
  • The dialog box for the symbol is shown. Select Mathematical Operators from the list in the sub-set drop-down list to show every mathematical operator symbol with the approximately equal symbol.
  • Click on the AutoCorrect button to choose the symbol.
  • The dialog box AutoCorrect is shown. Enter the shortcode or text you want to assign to the symbol in the Replace: box. Make sure that the equivalent is in the field With:
  • Click the Add and click Ok. Click Add.

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