Popular Arabic Boys Names List

Arabic Boy Names

Were you aware of eleven different ways in Arabic to say “love?”

The most common, “hubb,” is derived from the same root word as the Arabic word for ‘seed,’ because love can grow and become beautiful. If you are looking for your baby’s perfect baby name, there are a lot of poignant, meaningful names that come from the lovely Arabic language.

In the Middle East, where the language is originated, Arabic baby names are most popular, but can also be found in areas of the world such as the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia and Northern Africa.

Whether you are looking for a popular baby name or something out of the crowd, Arabic has some brilliant options for your baby boy. These names of Arabic babies each have an interesting significance in Arabic. These meanings include names of spiritual significance, names of nature and the earth, and names of force and personality. Although often fairly short, Arabic boys’ names are built on hundreds of years of naming tradition and may just be the perfect choice for your baby.


Popular Arabic Boys Names

These brilliant Arab male names are very popular in the Arab world and elsewhere around the world, influenced by Arab culture. These brief Arabic names often have spiritual significance, but they are also popular irrespective of faith.

1) Abdul, meaning “God’s servant.”

2) Adil, meaning “sage” or “insightful.”

3) Adnan, meaning ‘settler.’

4) Ahmad, meaning “lucky.”

5) Ajmal, meaning “very beautiful.”

6) Akeem, meaning “knowable” or “sage.”

7) Amir, meaning “prince.”

8) Arif, meaning ‘knowing’ or ‘expert.’

9) Haris, meaning ‘cultivator.’

10) Hassan, meaning “good.”

Names For Newborn Muslim Baby Boy

In the Muslim way of life, a baby naming ceremony is extremely important. Get popular Indian names for Muslim children, Muslim baby boy names ideas, Muslim boy name list with meaning. Muslim boy name.

Or to navigate baby names using the following finder tool, simply select your religion from the download together with the sex of the baby and you would have a large list of unique Muslim baby names options.


Islamic Boys Name

Names are important, names are important. They have a purpose and can be a source of blessings in our lives. Our Prophet (pbuh) encouraged us to give good names to our children.

In Muslim families, babies should have a name that has a good meaning. This alphabet list includes common male Muslim names to help you get started in the difficult process of selecting your child’s name.

Aban – Name of Old Arabic

Abbas – Lion description

Abbud – Adorator Abbud

Abbudin – Adorators

‘Abdul, Abdel, Abdul’ (of Allah)

Abdul-‘Adl – Just’s Servant

Abdul-Ahad – One’s Servant

Abdul-Alim – Omniscient Servant

Abdul-Aliyy – Most High Servant

Abdul-Azim – Mighty Servant

Abdul-Aziz – Powerful Servant (Dear)

Abdul-Badi – Incomparable Servant

Abdul-Ba’ith – Resurrector’s Servant

Abdul-Baqi – Everlasting Servant

Abdul-Bari – Creator’s Servant

Abdul-Barr – The Source of All Goodness Servant

Abdul-Basir – All-Seeing Servant

Abdul-Basit – Extender Servant

Abdul-Fattah – Opener Servant (of the gates of sustenance)

Abdul-Ghaffar – Forgiving Servant

Abdul-Ghafur – Forgiving Servant

Abdul-Ghani – Self-sufficient Servant

Abdul-Hadi – Guide Servant

Abdul-Hafiz – Protector Servant

Abdul-Hakam – Arbitrator’s servant

Abdul-Hakim – Wise Servant

Abdul-Halim – Patient One Servant


Beautiful Arabian Girl Names:

  1. Aaliyah: 

Probably the most famous R&B singer Aaliyah, who died a tragic decade ago, but who rose to the top of the list. It means heavens and mothers, and we can say that we are very talented and blessed by a little angel called Aaliyah.

  1. Ada: 

Ada is a very simple baby girl name. The name means “graceful,” “noble,” “graceful.”

  1. Asiya:

 A lovely Arabic baby name here. The name means someone who is melancholic and thoughtful. It is also Pharaoh’s wife’s name.

  1. Aabish:

 Aabish is the Queen of Iran’s name. This name will make her feel like a princess for your cute daughter.

  1. Aafia:

Aafia means a calm and composed person who also has no worry whatsoever. This is a modern name for Arabic.

  1. Aisha:

 Popular among the Islamic community because it’s the favorite wife of Prophet Muhammad. Aisha is a beautiful name, meaning life and lively. Your little Aisha would have unlimited energy.

  1. Ayat: 

originally Arabic, Ayat is a Muslim name that refers to the miracles of the Qur’an verses. A nice name given to your baby can well mean that she is going to work wonders and succeed in life.

  1. Adila:

 The Arabic meaning of this Adilah is fair, honest, and equal, just perfect for a woman in the present and future generations. Name Adilah your baby girl and you’ll see how Adilah grows up.

  1. Aamira: 

an Arabic, Muslim name, Aamira has a wonderful meaning, rich and lively. What better name for your little princess could you want?

  1. Badeeda: 

Your daughter has a very unique Arabic name. It refers to an intelligent, innovative and creative person.

  1. Baheela:

 Baheela is a ‘lovely woman.’ 11. The name also indicates how your daughter becomes one.

  1. Bahnaz:

 Your baby daughter must be for you the most lovable in this world. If so, it’s fair to name her Bahnaz, as an Arabic name, because it means “most pleasant.”

  1. Dafiyah:

Here’s your daughter’s unusual and rare Arabic name. Dafiyah means ‘a female Hadith narrator’

  1. Doaa:

 Doaa means prayer or heart voice. The name of the Islamic community is a common name.

  1. Fatma:

Fatma is “a captivating woman.” The name is your favorite best Arabic name for your daughter.

  1. Faatima:

 Fatma is another name variation; Faatima is a fascinating abstinent person.

  1. Fadila: 

The unique Arabic name is Fadila. It means ‘a generous woman.’ The name will make your baby feel righteous.

  1. Ghasmira:

 Ghashmira means “freedom” and “generosity.” The name is intended to indicate what it needs to grow up to be.

  1. GulBano:

 How about a GulBano name which means ‘flower princess.’ The name is a good choice for those who regard their daughters as their queen.

  1. Haniya: Haniya means ‘happy’ or ‘pleased.’ The name transmits exactly what you felt when you had it.


The important thing is to find a name for both of the couples. You don’t have to limit yourself to names for this. From that post, you can choose male Arabic names: from famous names to names that are always rare and original names for children. Have you thought about choosing a name as a child in Arabic? It’s an initial option! If you dare, we give you a list of 50+ children’s Arabic names with their meanings. You’ve got 50+ unique names in this post. I hope you’re going to get the name you want.

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