How To Insert An Arrow Up In Microsoft Word

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A new piece on one of our most favorite numbers has recently been published: Graham’s number. One reason we enjoy it is because it’s large. The observable universe is so large that the number cannot be fully entered. It’s not huge, but it’s defined accurately as well. And you need a new technique to put them down to define such mentally enormous quantities.

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Whether you are using Windows or Mac, the above information is enough for you to get the Up Arrow sign into your Word/Excel document.

However, if you are not satisfied with this quick help, keep reading below as I will explain in detail, how to get the Up Arrow symbol text or any other symbol anywhere on your Mac or Windows PC like in MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint.whether you use Windows or Mac, the information above is sufficient for you to enter your Word/Excel document with the up Arrow sign-up.

However, unless you are happy with my rapid assistance, continue on below as I will explain in detail how to obtain the Up Arrow Symbol or any symbol anyplace, such in Word/Excel/PowerPoint on your Mac or Windows PC.

How To Insert Up Arrow symbol Text (For Windows And Mac)

I will show you the easier ways to type or put this symbol in any part of your Windows or Mac PC in the following parts (such as Word or Excel or PowerPoint).
I will provide you with various techniques in a matter of minutes to acquire this (AD) and any other symbol if you need it.
The following approaches are discussed in full without further ado.

Upper Arrow Symbol Shortcuts (Windows)

The Shortcut Up or Up arrow icon is Alt+24.
Windows includes many shortcuts that only function in Microsoft Word.
However, there is a Windows shortcut that works in all programs for the Upward Arrow Sign. Alt+24 is the old code shorthand (will be discussed in the next section).

Up Arrow Symbol Alt Code

Each Word symbol has a unique code to put the symbol into your page. This code is commonly called “Alt code.”
The steps that follow below are to type this symbol (using the above Alt code:

  • To activate the numerical key, press the number lock key. To turn Num Lock on Laptops on without the number keypad, use Fn key + Num Lock keys.
  • Using the number keyboard, press and hold the key Alt and type 24.
  • When you have typed Alt code (i.e. 24), release your [Alt] key.

Up Arrow Symbol on Mac

The following is the methods to insert this Up Arrow sign on Mac using the Mac Character viewer:

  • To put the symbol, click to place the insertion point.
  • On your keyboard, press Control + Command + Spacebar. This brings up the viewer who looks like the following picture:
  • Search for “arrows” using the search bar on the top of the viewfinder Alternatively, in the upper right corner, click on the expand symbol that appears to the image below
  • Once you click on this button, the extended view will appear like the following screenshot.
  • In the left menu, just below the “Emoji” category, you should now look for “Arrows” Click on the Up or up arrow or any other arrow which you want to insert, via these arrows and double-click.

Copy And Paste The Up Arrow Symbol

Copy and paste the Up Arrow symbol for your work using the button below. Copy and paste the Up Arrow symbol for your work using the button below.
Copying and pasting is my preferred way of inserting the symbols I can’t readily type.
All you need to do using this approach is to input a symbol by Google and then copy it from one of the offered search results. You may always copy and paste this symbol as necessary after the symbol is inserted in your text.
Use this button on your clipboard to acquire this symbol.
This symbol and any other symbol may be copied on Windows using another method. The Windows Character Map was used.
Go through the next steps to use the character map to copy and paste each symbol.

  • Click on the button Start to search for the Character map app.
  • In the search results, the Character Map app appears. To eat, click it.
  • Only click the Advanced View checkbox to broaden the window for other possibilities when the Character Map window appears.
  • Type Arrow or Upward Arrow in the search box in the Advanced View section.
  • You will now find the symbol you looked for (i.e., the Upward Arrow) on the map. To choose it, double-click on it. You’ll notice the symbol shown in the text field copying characters. 
  • You may then pick multiple symbols and copy them simultaneously.
  • You want to copy it after picking the symbol, click Copy.
  • Turn to the symbol in MS Word or PowerPoint and click Ctrl + V to paste. Wherever you need the symbol.

Using Insert Symbol Dialog

This is not as simple as the quick ways. But it’s quite straightforward.

And you can always duplicate the symbol as and when it’s needed in your page when you get the symbol into it.

Both Apple devices operate this way.

The procedures below to insert the Word Arrow Sign using an insert symbol dialogue are presented.

  • Go to the Register tab Insert.
  • Click the Symbols button on the Add tab and select More Symbols…
  • The symbol dialogue box comes up with these few clicks.
  • Type in and pick Wingdings in the Symbols tab of the Font dropdown list. All Wingdings symbol content should be filtered out, including the
  • Otherwise, the symbol is also inserted into your documents by double-clicking on the symbol.
  • Click Close. Click Close. Symbol of the up arrow.
  • Choose the symbol and click the Insert button.

Word’s AutoCorrect For The Up Arrow Sign

Using the AutoCorrect function, you may also input the Up Arrow symbol.
It is an MS Word function meant to fix errors such as this.
You may apply a shortcode to the Up Arrow symbol with this AutoCorrect feature (such as UPARR).
So, anytime the letter UPARR is typed, Word believes you meant to type it, and converts it automatically into the Up Arrow sign for you.
The great thing about the approach is that you can attach your own personalized shortcode or shortcode to the symbol and when you enter the code Word immediately insert the symbol.

  • Go to Symbol and select More Symbols on the Insert tab. The windows of the symbol will be shown.
  • Unless you do so, you can use AutoCorrect to enter the Up Arrow sign in Word.
  • Go to the Register tab Insert.
  • Look for the Up Arrow, and then pick the Up Arrow sign.
  • To reveal the AutoCorrect window, click on the button AutoCorrect.
  • However, there are a few points below to notice when inserting the up arrow sign utilizing the AutoCorrect Method.
  • Case sensitive is AutoCorrect. In other words, Word will not translate apart to the up arrow symbol if you type APARR (in uppercase).

If there is any text preceding or following the AutoCorrect text, the AutoCorrect text will be considered as part of the text and not converted into the Up Arrow sign. XAPARR for example is not being transformed, but X APART is being converted to X TODA. For example


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