Best Gaming Names For Boys List

gaming names for boys

A player is a person who plays interactive games, in particular video games, role-playing tablets and skill-based card games and usually plays for long periods of time. Some players are competitive, so they compete for money in some games. In some countries like the UK and Australia, the term “gaming” can refer to legalised, traditional gambling and digital gambling. There are many different gamers worldwide. Since the advent of the Internet, numerous communities take the form of Internet forums, YouTube or Twitch virtual communities and social clubs in individuals. Originally a hobby, some people have developed into a profession. In April 2020, researchers found that top players share the same psychological strength as Olympic athletes. 

Boys Video Game Names

  Aiden Aiden

 is the deuteragonist of “Beyond Two Souls” and Jodie Holmes’ deceased brother. The name Aiden was spectacularly successful. In 2010 it even cracked into the Top 10 and stayed until 2013. Or you can maintain Ayden’s spelling for a modern touch.

 ReadyTto Go.

It is the name of the fictitious character of the Dragon Age video game. Alistair is Alexander’s Scottish version and means ‘defending men.’


. Ash Ash

Also known as Satoshi, Ash is the name of the fictitious person in the famous franchise of Pokemon. He is the protagonist of his journey to becoming a master of pokemon. Ash is Asher’s diminutive and means ‘ash tree.’

 Chandra Chandra Nalaar

 is a “Magic Gathering” character. The hot-headed Chandra Planeswalker is known for its impulsive and short-tempered nature. Although the character is female in this video game, the name Chandra is mainly used for boys, particularly in India. Chandra’s meaning is ‘moon.’

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Cecil Cecil

 is a fairly straightforward and standard name, but the character of “Final Fantasy 4” is not of the same name. He is known to undergo a complete transformation from a Dark Chevalier to a Paladine to overcome evil.

 Cut. Cut.

Cortez is the protagonist of the series “Timesplitters.” He’s a witty and time traveler. Cortex is a Spanish nickname and means ‘short.’


It is the name of the fictional character in the combat game Mortal Kombat. Cyrax is a member of the assassin Lin Kuei clan who became cyborgs.

 Dante Dante.

Yes, we know Dante was an Italian poet who wrote some of the most popular works of literature, but he was not the only famous bearer of that name. Dante is also the name of “Devil May Cry,” the single-liner-loving, demon-hunting, and ridiculous character. It is now up to you to decide who you think would make the name better.


Are you a fan of the Jak and Daxter video game series? Then you could know the ottsel (half oter, half weasel) Daxter. He is portrayed as the hero who is a little afraid and wants to take the easy way out.

. Ezio Ezio Auditore Da Florenze is a fictional character from the video game series Assassin’s Creed. He is an Italian assassin and is the leading character of the series. The name comes from Greek and means ‘eagle.’

 The Central Character Of “The Witcher” series is Geralt Geralt. This human Witcher is fighting throughout the games with more monsters of a human type than fantasy types.



Goku is a fictional figure and the leading player in the Dragon Ball series. The hit series of all times was turned into a video game. Originally from Japanese, Goku means ‘conscious of emptiness.’

Funny Name Of The Game

If you’re a funny guy, a funny game name is needed. Therefore, here’s a list for you only.

Debt Snap Clink in the AmazonX System

  1. AmazonX
  2. System Debt
  3. Snap
  4. Clink_in_the_Armor
  5. Jakku
  6. Red Reaper
  7. Cobra
  8. Cutthroat
  9. Sweet Angel 93
  10. Rattler
  11. Mad Cats
  12. Miserables
  13. Karen66
  14. No_Pain_No_Gain
  15. Life of Pie
  16. Tragedy
  17. Friction
  18. Rick N Morty
  19. Riptide
  20. Crank N Bolt

Best Gaming Names

Here is a list of the best gaming names compiled just for you.


  1. Diabeli
  2. Magma Magnesium
  3. Walter
  4. Raptors
  5. Warriors
  6. Billy
  7. Wakanda
  8. God of Games
  9. Barbie
  10. Overload
  11. Usiu
  12. Jazzy Pants
  13. Tendrils_of_Power
  14. Rubix Cube
  15. Fast Fingers
  16. Anger
  17. Destructa X
  18. Valley
  19. Princes of Jakku
  20. Caprice and Ice

Best Online Games For Friends

  1.  Ticker Heart
  3. BenAfleckIsOrderAct
  4.  Magic-school bus stop
  5.  Everyone 
  6. Regina.
  7. Pavnee deity.
  8.  Pluralizes all things
  9. Horny and Bean
  10.  Please test name ignore
  12.  Heyyou
  13. Laugh till u pee
  14. ADistraction 
  15.  insane cat lady

How Do I Get A Good Name For A Gamer?

Getting your own game name list can be really fun if you have a little help. All you have to do is follow our guide and in minutes you can choose the best names.

Get inspired! – Get inspired! The name of your gamer reflects your personality. So base your name always on something you love.

Adjectives – Adding adjectives to common words is an entertaining way of transforming these dull words into anything special. ‘Lithium Nova,’ for instance, sounds like a big gaming name.

Add references to pop culture Your name can be based on movies, television shows, cartoons, or even other characters.

Username recycles – You can use the same username as you have on other game platforms. During multiplayer play, your friends can find you easily.

Use Generators – you can use name generators to create cool game names from your end without much effort.

You can also refer to the list of names to be inspired with these steps. We’ve got funny, cool, best, good, and badass gaming names, all for you.


As a professional player or a hardcore gamer, you must have a unique, creative, and attractive name for a murderer and cool short game.

It’s not like everyone already took cool short names, it’s your creativity that makes it cool. So be relaxed, calm, and choose the best Gamertag choice.

Hope this post was informative and helpful with enough content and ideas to encourage your curiosity and creativity.

Do not forget to share it with friends, enemies, and hardcore lovers who are still looking for cool short game names.

This is the end, then, for more than 1000 cool short names in 2021.

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