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Firstly, when the Chinese say their name, first they say the name of the family, then they say that if we take the example Jackie Chan (Chéng Lóng) — Cheng is his last name, the name is given to Long.

The names of the Chinese family come first because they are more precious.

You are proud to bear your family name and pass it on to future generations. The family name is usually one (or seldom two/three) character and the name usually is two.

Family names were before our era in Chinese culture, but only privileged people had a name in the past. Not common people. Common people.

All Chinese people had family names only many years later. Like many popular English names like Smith, family names would have been issued by occupation.

In China, it is common for people to deal with you throughout their lives. When the child is born, parents give a name and “little name” (mothers). Usually this “little name” is used in early childhood.

When a child enrolls in school, the “school name” (DI) is given. Everyone after graduating from school can call you your name or “big name.” In addition, aliases are popular


Name of The Chinese

In the Chinese language and culture, starting from big to small is common practice. For instance, addresses start in the country and move down to the house number, and names always start first with the surname. Therefore, under the Chinese naming conventions, someone named John Smith would be referred to as Smith John.

Children usually inherit the surname of their dad, though children can also legally take their mum’s surname.

While the ̄ (B4-0ijiāxìng, the classical Chinese texts created in the Song Dynasty) lists more than 400 official Chinese surnames, today’s China has a majority of the population with 10 top surnames. This homogeneity is mainly due to the fact that Han Chinese is China’s largest ethnic group.

Here Are Another 15 Names For Chinese Baby Girls:

  • Ai – nice.
  • Ah Lam, peace. Peace.
  • Baozhai – a valuable hairpin.
  • The chrysanthemum Chu Hua.
  • Chyou – fall. Chyou.
  • Daiyu – Black jade. Black jade.
  • Fen – odour.
  • Ju – daisy. Ju – daisy.

What are some female Chinese names?

What’s a good name for a Chinese girl? You’re asking. Well, beauty is in the viewer’s eye, and some great Chinese girl names can be chosen.

If you want the name of your child to evoke the fragrance of flowers, you can go to “Chu Hua” or “Ju” (daisy).

Or if you want her to grow into a kind, strong person you can choose “Shu” or “Ting” (enduring).


Here Are Another 15 Names For Chinese Baby Girls:

  • Ai – nice.
  • Ah Lam, peace peace
  • Baozhai – a valuable pin.
  • The Chrysanthemum, Chu Hua
  • Chyou – fall
  • The black jade of Daiyu
  • Fen – the fragrance
  • Ju – Goddess
  • Orchid Lan – Orchid
  • Liling – white jasmine sound
  • Mei – beautiful, feather
  • Nuo – nice.
  • Warm-hearted Shu
  • Ting – Durable
  • Zhan – precious, genuine, innocent.

Names Of the Chinese Girl (And What They Mean)

Ah Cy… beautiful…

Ah Kum… well like gold

Oh, Lam…, affection, affection..

Dignified Ann… Peace Annchi…


Baozhai…Beautiful hairpin


Fang...scented; sweet-smelling;




Are The First Chinese Names Chosen?

A Chinese name (xìngmíng) is a surname (alias xìng) and a first name (alias míng). A Chinese name is also the first name. Chinese first names usually consist of two characters, although there are also single first names characters. The process of naming a newborn is taken seriously and many factors are taken into account:


So Pretty Your Heart Will Melt Chinese Girl Names

It’s always a battle to name a baby. Many parents are still struggling to lock down the perfect moniker on their way to the delivery room. In Chinese culture, as in so many others, there is a lot of help for the new parents… even if it can be a difficult process. Why? The Chinese tradition has parents working with astrologers to pick names that work well with the sign under which they are born and the element of their children. Most babes have three names in Western culture — their first, middle, and last names. Just as Westerners want to take advantage of syllables and sounds that sound nice together. Similarly, Chinese naming traditions are usually followed with a nickname (written first) and two names. As you might know, writing in Chinese is a form of art. Part of the naming process also requires the harmonious flow of all three names symbols.

Maiden And Names Married

Women retain their original surnames after marriage in traditional Chinese culture, and the idea of naming your husband is practically non-existent.

This is because of the influence in Chinese culture of strong filial piety and patriarchal values. Women have traditionally been identified by the lines of their fathers. Today people have the freedom to choose either the last name of the parent, but generally, the surname of the father is passed on to the child.


Chinese women’s names with typical “females,” especially those written in “femininity” characters and the men’s names with typical “males,” especially general men’s terms, male address terms, kinship, and rank, conform with the world’s most popular naming agreement that a given name is a reference to sex, i.e. In most cases, the appearance of such a term in a name means that the name bearer is a woman or a man. The reverse use of the terms shows the additional significance of such well-designated names as commendatory or counter-commendatory names selected by names to cover up what exists, to be objective oriented and thus to improve reality, avoid problems or have a better impact on the future. They believe that names can create reality and bring fortune or unhappiness. As a result, these motivated names for men or women reflect the lower status of women in Chinese society in a certain way.

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