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Disney characters are fascinating and enjoyable. Their colorful and audacious personalities are part of a magical and awesome and surreal world.

When you grow up, you may have loved all the Disney Pixar movies and songs, and all Disney movies alone. Well now, with this quiz, full of the hardest Disney trivia, is the chance to show your immense Disney wisdom. We’ve covered it all, whether it’s ‘Mickey Mouse,’ ‘The Lion King,’ ‘Snow White’ or ‘Monsters Inc.’ Take this test to learn how much you are a real fan!

Encouraged in the past by the success of our Disneyland trivia and Disney song trivia, we decided to develop this difficult set of Disney trivia questions for fans worldwide to test their memory. Read more about Disney films and answer these trivial questions!



Think Fast was first announced in Disney’s July 31, 2008 press release. Disney promised the game to be a family favorite holiday party game. The version PlayStation 2 is packaged with a set of Buzz! buzzers, while the Wii version uses the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as buzzers. [4] Craig Relyea, senior vice president, marketing worldwide, said: “The perfect party game for the whole family, Disney TH!NK Fast guarantees high-intensity entertainment training for your brain cells this holiday season. Whether you’re 6, 16, or 60, for a friendly showdown you’re never too old.

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Magenta Software Publisher(s) Developer(s) Disney Interactive Studios Platform (s)

Multiplayer, single player

Disney Think Fast is a Disney-themed trivia-based game based on Magenta Software, which has been developed and published by Disney’s Interactive Studios. On October 21, 2008,[1] the Wii game was released in Europe on December 5, 2008, and in Japan on December 18, 2008. The game was also released for PlayStation 2 in North America[2] on 7 November 2008, 14 November 2008 in Europe, and 5 December 2008 in Australia (the same day the Wii version of the game was released in Europe).

Does the game borrow its features from the franchise for the Scene It? DVD and is hosted by Genie of the Aladdin film which introduces and produces results every round. Each game has fifteen rounds and takes 30-40 minutes to play.


Disney Trivia Wonderful World Game

Out of the box:

“Test your knowledge of Disney in 5 categories:

  1. Animation
  2. Film 
  3. Song 
  4. Personalities
  5. Mousellaneous.

It is a game that all the family will enjoy with a set of questions for adults and a separate deck for children!”

Put out from Disney as a home-grown trivia game by Mattel, it has several unique features: a high-quality tin/metal film can, the game is made from mickey-shaped player-pawns with stackable mouse ears instead of wedges. The playing board is shaped like the iconic head of the Mickey mouse with ears folding inside the container for storage.

All questions related to Disney (unlike Trivial Pursuit: Genus Edition that has only 1 or 2 Disney questions per card.)

Includes 400 adult cards (2000 questions) and a picture panel of 100 children’s cards (500 questions).

For the true Disney scientist, questions will be quick and easy, but it is more challenging for a casual fan.

Disney Inspired Team Names Of Trivia

Each Disney fan has a special film he never tires of watching. Each film created by Disney has a special message. We have been inspired by these films since childhood. That is why, because we have listed some incredible Disney-inspired names here, you will love this list. These names will certainly make your team shine in the room. Disney Inspired Team Names for Trivia


The Fairy Godmothers. Godmothers.

  1. Carpet crew flying.
  2. Abu Alliance. Abu Alliance.
  3. In Trivialand, Alice.
  4. Hakuna Matata. Hakuna Matata.
  5. Fortunately Ever After. After that.
  6. Searching for answers.
  7. The Sisters of Ariel.
  8. Taco Belles. Belles.
  9. The Princesses of Charm.

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Team Names For Disney Themed

Your team name is the representation of your team. The best way to show everyone your creativity and make fans is to choose an epic name. When it comes to Disney-themed team names, you have plenty of inspiration. In case you are out of ideas, we have listed some wonderful suggestions for you.

  1. Enchantresses.
  2. Trivia Kings. Trivia Kings.
  3. Beauty sleeping.
  4. Wonderland Heroes. Wonderland.
  5. Incredibles.
  6. Army Peter Pan.
  7. Beauty And Beasts. The Beasts.
  8. Walt Quizney. Walt Quizney.
  9. Flynn Force. Flynn Force.
  10. Andy’s Toys. Andy’s Toys.

Good Nicknames For Disney

Everyone’s childhood was different, but the enchanting Disney world was one thing common to all of us. We had not only favorite films but also favorite characters. Even now, we are still obsessed with so many characters. These characters now have the feeling of family. This list is for you if you are also obsessed with these characters. We have listed in this list some unique and good Disney nicknames. These nicknames are sure to bring your memories back. Nicknames Cool Disney Trivia

  1. Bambi. 
  2. Daisy.
  3. Minne Mo.
  4.  Buttercup.
  5.  Buttercup.

Disney Trivia Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is Walt Disney’s iconic mascot. He was created in 1928 and stars with his friends in his own movies and TV shows. He is one of Hollywood’s most popular cartoon characters nowadays, making him a household name and a dear friend for kids around the world.

Disney Trivia Movie

Disney is famous for its film productions which over the past 96 years have inspired, touched hearts, and become part of the childhood of generations. But as popular as these films are, there are plenty of details we might not know. Would you like to find out if you are a true Disney fan? See how much you know by answering these trivia questions about Disney’s film.


In fact, Disney movies have made our childhood experience incredible. I feel nostalgic when I write these names. In this article, I tried to cover all the famous films. These incredible names will definitely make your team look the best among the rest. If you have any suggestions, then share your comments with us in the comment section.

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