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A druid was a high-class member of ancient Celtic cultures. Druids were religious leaders, legal authorities, arbitrators, lore keepers, medical professionals, and political consultants. Druids did not leave written accounts. While they have been literate, the doctrine is supposed to prevent them from registering their knowledge in writing. Their convictions and practices are attested by contemporaries from other cultures, including the Romans and the Greeks.

The first known Druids references date back to the fourth century BCE. Julius Caesar’s Commentarii de Bello Gallico is the oldest detailed description (50s BCE). Other Roman writers such as Cicero[2] Tacitus[3] and Pliny the Elder described them. [4] The druid orders were suppressed under the 1st-century CE emperors Tiberius and Claudius by the Roman government after the Roman invasion of Gaul and disappeared from the written record by the 2nd-century.

In about 750 CE, the word druid was written in a poem of Blathmac, who wrote about Jesus and said he was “better than a prophet, a king who was a bishop and a complete scientist than a druid.”

[5] Druids appear in some of the medieval stories of Christianized Ireland, such as the “Táin Bó Cúailnge,” where they are portrayed largely as wizards who opposed the coming of Christianity. [6] During the Celtic revival during the 18th and 19th centuries, fraternal and neo-pagan groups were founded based on ideas about the ancient druids, a neo-druidism movement. Many popular notions about Druids, based on the misunderstandings of scholars of the 18th century, were largely replaced by recent research. 


Description Of Good Druid Names. Good Druid Names.

Aspen is a tree, sometimes used in magic rituals, with golden leaves. Aspens are often linked to the renaissance. The last trembling aspen leaf is said to represent death, and this leaf can lead to the death of a whole treeline of trees. In Irish myth, once there was an old Muin Shee tree, which had so many branches that they were all finger-like, but no light could pass through, but St Patrick turned people who lived in its shadow into Christianity, by opening their hearts (and thus letting light shine through He left the tree behind his staff. As he was back to Ireland, a big wind blew and shook the earth so violently that it broke all the branches of Muin Shee over him and sent them down like dominoes in his sight.

Astrid of Old Norse means the power of God. It has to do with words like osteria (or Easter). In Norse mythology, Ostara is one of the two spring-associated goddesses. Her vacation marks the start of spring when her powers awaken life after winter has passed away again. The other deity that shares this relationship with Ostara is Eostre which is also known by various names such as Easter Ostara and Eostra.

What Is A Druid? 

Druids were originally high-ranking people in old Celtic societies. They can be best known for their religious influence, but also served as lawyers, healers, historians, and leaders.

Druids are often described in fantasy as having a very close relationship to nature, leveraging the natural forces to protect, cure, and sometimes even damage. In some contexts, like the Warcraft universe, druids can even shape, transforming their human forms into animal forms.

This druid name generator should provide ample inspiration to start whether you want to create druids in fantasy worlds or more historical settings. And don’t forget that all generated names can be used completely free.


Druid Female Names

The Druids were referred to as ‘Bandra or ‘bandruí.’ However, they are also called “druids” in popular culture. This is a list of druid names, AKA druid women’s names.

  1. Amaris (Hebrew) means “God’s promise.”
  2. Aoife meaning “beauty” or “radiance.”
  3. Bryrona, which means “from the barns” in English.
  4. Brenonna means “noble, powerful, virtuous.”
  5. Camma (Etruscan origin) means “religious ceremony attendant.”
  6. Celestine (French origin) means “heavenly.”
  7. Chossach (origin Gaelic) means a druidess.
  8. Druidia (Celtic origin) means “a druid woman’s name” or “oak knower.”
  9. Dryade, which means “tree.”
  10. Faustina (Latin origin) means “lucky.”
  11. Fidelma (Ireland) means “Fidel.” 
  12. Gaine (origin Norman) means “skillful or ingenious person.”
  13. Ganna (origin of Egypt) means ‘heaven or heaven.’
  14. Krisfina (origin Italian) means “God will increase.” 14.
  15. Kyrie (originally Greek) means “Lord.”

Male Druid Names

 (you may prefer our names options to those of a druid names generator because they have meanings and are thinking.

  1. Here is a list of male druids with lovely meanings and different origins.
  2. Adriel, meaning “helper of God.”
  3. Aiche means “beauty” (African origin),
  4.  Amergin, meaning “born of the song.” 31.
  5.  “Balfor” means “pasture” or “grass.”
  6.  “Ballar” means “noisy” or “boasting.”
  7.  Cathbad (Old Irish) which means “Head Druid at King Conchobar’s Court.”
  8.  Dubhtach (Celtic) means “black.”
  9.  Emrys (Welsh origin) meaning “immortal.”
  10. Gael means “the Gaelic person.”
  11.  Lochru (fiction) is a druid seer. 


Famous Names Of Druids

  1. Allanon
  2. Amergin
  3. bardi
  4. Glúingel Amergin
  5. Bec mac De Bec
  6. Bodhmall
  7. Cathbad
  8. Hopman Ellen 
  9. Brigit
  10. Orr Emma Restall
  11. Druantia
  12. Berthou Erwen
  13. Massey Gerald
  14. Cailleach
  15. Getafix
  16. Higgins Godfrey
  17. Danu
  18. Gwenc’hlan
  19. Berthou Gwilherm
  20. Corrigan Ian
  21. Taliesin
  22. Morganwg Iolo
  23. Bonewits Isaac
  24. Greer John Michael
  25. Merlin
  26. Marchal Morvan

Druid Names Troll

Kazko \

  1. jumoke
  2.  \Yetu
  3. Shaktilar
  4.  \sTzane 
  5. \sVulzal 
  6. \sTzane 
  7. \sHalasuwa
  8. Wanjin
  9.  \sZunabar 
  10. \sHyptu
  11.  \sAnje 
  12. \sMatuna
  13. Jojin
  14.  \sYawan
  15.  \sZukam \sDitid

Generator Of Druid Name & Guide

Carefully crossing the thick jungle, the party froze in tracks when a jaguar appeared from the outside with golden eyes on it. “I am Niala…”—the beast suddenly talked to the adventurers, now astonished. A little later, there stood and continued an Elven woman – “And you explain your actions here on this sacred terrain best unless you too wish to suffer the wrath of nature.”


The druids ultimately lose their strength by being isolated from the natural world, an imaginary druid that looks at new techniques and the flexibility to use them. For those who like this character, druids are wonderful people. We have given ideas, including the best druid names you have to choose.

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