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elven last names

Elves prefer names that flow through the trees like the wind. GMs and players have one of the most common problems when playing non-human characters by naming them. Most non-human characters cannot be named from a list of historical names, which forces DMs to form new names completely. It is difficult to identify names that are appropriate and consistent with non-human characters. This is particularly true of a GM who may find himself trying to get a large number of such names shortly, yet non-human characters often lose their unique taste without proper names. It is particularly important for elves that names represent and reflect the special attitudes of the race and its philosophies

This daunting task was assisted by the elven name generator below. While it could not possibly represent all the names for a race as old and diverse as the elves, it can be used to create a big and consistent list of names as a starting point and quick reference.


.Elven Fiction & Mythology Last Names

Elves Can Also Have A Surname Of Their First Name.

In Norse mythology there are two kinds of elves: the light elves and the dark elves. In Alfheim live the light elves, whereas dark elves remain underground. Below are some elven last words that you can use to build your character from mythology and fiction.

  1. Aestra, the common name of the elf.
  2. Amakir means “mushroom.” 2.
  3. Amaadon, means “flower of silver.”
  4. Amazia, means starflower. 4.
  5. Amazon, meaning ‘moon’
  6. Araric, the elite’s common name.
  7. Celeborn, one of Lord of the Rings’ elves
  8. Celebrimbor, the ‘Lord of the Rings’ fictional character.
  9. Dobby, character of the popular Harry Potter film series.
  10. Do’Urden, ‘D&D’ character.
  11. Faesolor, common to elves of wood.

Women Wood Eleven Names

In addition to being a little shorter than the males, women are almost the same. Most of them have elven names and are known to have a fiery spirit that engages in healthy doses of rivalry while rarely crossing the line.

  • Springbrook Elheddaf
  • Camo Scrub Astra
  • Duskrock Esha
  • Elmwood Aethin
  • Sagewing Phela
  • Timberwing Darlevel
  • Oakdale Dhervillal
  • Willowvale Phenaendith

Male Wood Elven Names

Like women, they love to hunt and walk through the forest. They are also known to form links with various animals. Mostly mountain lions, pumas, and leopards are preferred.

  • Kalgan Dikkoc Ivyvale Camomire
  • Dadi Pineblossom
  • Riverstone Talasari
  • Orgo Nightrun
  • Ciadrosran Pinebranch
  • Scaelloslaen Willowrun
  • Strascalu Ferngrove

Eleven Names Suggestions For Ideas

Weihnachts season means so many new Elves move on the table to their homes. This magical character visited our family and enjoyed Elf and his other antiques on the shelf. The first step, of course, is your elven last names on the shelf!

Names of Elves The names of males and females Elves are different, but most of them have common features. Beauty, luxury hair, slender and wide heads, etc. They usually have standard naming features that are usually melodic, often difficult to pronounce. In these lines, such and many elven surnames are in this generator.

You want to choose one that sounds like a common name and blends with your culture and language if you choose your boy’s Elvish name. This daunting job provides the generator of the elven name below. Simultaneously, this list should only be a starting point and a rapid comparison to a large, reliable set of names for races so old and so diverse as the Elves.


Elven Names And Meanings For Boy

You must choose the right name, whether you are creating a fantasy world or naming a new member of your family. You can choose one with history, one that concerns nature and earth, or one that just sounds nice. Here are a few names to call your boy:

Aegnor – this is a fire-felling name. It comes from a fictional language called Sindarin based loosely on Welsh. J.R.R. Tolkien created this language.

Ailwi – A baby name which means old, noble, or elven battle.

Alberad –  This is a German elf name. It means elf counsel.

AlbwinThis is another Germanic name. It means elf friend.

Alf – This is a baby name from Norse Mythology. It means elf.

Alfur – This name means elf. Its origin is Iceland.

Algar – This name means elf spear.

Allow – This is a Manx name. The meaning is unknown.

Álváró – This is a Hungarian name. It means elf warrior

Oillill – This is a Hebrew name, meaning My God is the Lord. It also means sprite or elf in Irish.

Elven Names And Meanings For Girls

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You don’t need to use a name generator to name sweet elves (or humans). Whether you name a kid or a character, here are some names full of beauty:

Joan – That’s a name in English. It means that God is graceful.

Lamina – This baby name means nymph from the Basque language.

Lefaye – The French name is the fairy. Lefaye.

Melaine – This is a Greek mythological name that means black or dark.

Sheelin – The name is English, meaning the fairy pool lake.

Siofra – The name is Irish. Siofra. It means elven, sprite, or change.

Tiên – It’s a Vietnamese name, a fairy, a celestial immortal being.

Tinuviel – This is the character of Tolkien. The name means twilight daughter.


Elven Naming Middle Earth Traditions

If you have not read the essay about Valinor’s Elven traditions, go back and read it, then read this essay. The conclusions and terminology used in this essay are more meaningful if you do.

We know a lot about the naming traditions of the Eldar who lived in Valinor. However, Úmanyar’s naming traditions (those that did not go to Valinor and remained in the middle of the earth) are largely undocumented. Although Tolkien has never described them explicitly, we can guess by looking at their names.

Beleriand elves are the most likely to have named traditions that echo the traditions in Valinor, since they are the closest to Valinor and they have trade and communication between them. So, when Doriath was conquered, and the Sindar fled deeper into the middle ground to live in the lands of other Telerin elves, they brought with them these strong traditions and their own language. Since the language has been adopted, the naming traditions also appear not to be too strange.

But would there be naming traditions they haven’t already had?

Linguistically, the Sindarin word “eneth” and the Kuenya word “anesse” are strikingly similar, suggesting that the Úmanyar have gift names, too.


Elven names are mostly musical, melodious, at times long, at times difficult to pronounce. If you would like to give your child a positive gift of supernatural qualities, however, an elven name would be a gift for life. Fantasy sometimes goes down to life.

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