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female demon names

The woman is a demonic Jewish folklore figure. Her name and personality are thought to derive from the Mesopotamian demon class known as lilû (feminine: lilītu), which is usually translated as “night monster.” Some of the Jews survived a cult related to Lilith as late as the 7th century CE. The evil that she threatened, particularly children and women at birth, was supposed to be countered by the use of an amulet named after certain angels.

Names Of Female Demons From Asia And Oceania

Women’s demons always lured and hunted men.

Here is a list of demon names from Asia and the European continents.

  1. Abere (Melanesian origin) is a demoness spoken of in Melanesia’s legendary stories.
  2. Akhkhazu (Akkadian origin) is an Akkadian mythological female demon.
  3. Al Basty (Sumerian origin) is an ancient Sumerian woman who is meant to be a guilty person. The name means that you are guilty.
  4. Alkonost is an evil demon bird, with a Russian woman’s head.
  5. Anna Maruthu (South Indian) is a female mythical creature of the Indian mythology state of Kerela.
  6. Ardat Lili (Sumerian) was an old Sumerian succubus and demon.
  7. Aswang is a feminine vampire demon spirit.
  8. Batibat (Tagalog origin) is a revengeful demon from the Filipino culture and means ‘nightmare.’
  9. Berberoka (Filipino origin) was the name in the folklore of the Philippines of a mythical evil swamp demon.
  10. Buduh is the feminine djinn of Islamic love.


European Demonic Female Names

The European demon names in this list are given below.

  1.  Abyzou (Hebrew origin) is a Jewish and Hebrew woman’s demon.
  2.  The demoness in Jewish mythology is Agrat bat Mahlat (Hebrew origins).
  3.  Ajatar, that is, “to pursue” in Finnish folklore, is the name of the evil spirit.
  4.  Akka (finnish origin) is a female evil demon-spirit of Finnish and Estonian myths, that means “old dead woman.
  5.  (plural: Ale) is the name of the female demonic spirit in Eastern European countries.
  6. . Aloja (Catalan origin) are water devils which take the form of women in Spain’s folklore. This can also be used as names for babies.
  7.  Angrbroda, meaning “sorrow bringer,” is the name of Norse’s demonic giant.
  8. Askafroa (Swedish origin) means “ash-tree wife” and is a malicious European female spirit.
  9.  Bananaches were supernatural demon spirits who in Irish mythology haunted battlefields.
  10.  Banshee is a woman wailing evil spirit, popular in Irish mythology, meaning “fairy woman.”

Demon Names Of The Girl (2022)

Will you name your baby girl? And then you can try some demon girl’s name, and you want to give her a unique name. This will help you to give a unique personality to your girl. I will guide you here with a list of the best demon names for girls. Select the best of the best names:


Names Of Demon Girl

  1. Yamauba Melchom: Demon who is carrying the money bag; servants’ payer
  2. Murmur: Grand Duke, with trumpets and 30 legions.
  3. Leandro Naberius: a powerful demon responsible for 29 legions, a hell marquis.
  4. Nergal: Second-order demon, Secret Police Commands
  5. Nicor: a water demon that is known to drown people; it can cause hurricanes, storms, etc.
  6. Maia Mephistopheles: Another name in the Middle Ages for the devil
  7. Merihim: Dark Pestilence Prince
  8. Moloch: A demon worshipped in child sacrifice by the Israelites
  9. Mullin: Devil’s lieutenant Leonard
  10. Marco Nybbas: Vision and dream manager, charlatan inferior order
  11. Now I hope you succeed in finding the best girls’ demon names in the above list.

Ool Names Of Demon From Other Continents And Sources

There are female demons throughout the world.

  A list of demon names and spirits from other parts of the world is presented here.

  1.  Aicha Kandicha (Moroccan origin) is a Moroccan demoness.
  2.  Ammit (Egyptian) was a woman demon and an ancient Egyptian funeral goddess.
  3.  Aosoth is a demon who does the work of the Devil.
  4. Apotamkin (Indian) are women demons from Native American folklore.
  5.  Aynaet (Ethiopian origin) is the name of a woman demon with an Ethiopian stare.
  6. Baobhan Sith is a demon vampire woman who appears in Scottish stories.

What Are The Names Of The Demon?

The names of the devil are the names used to call the names of wrong spirits in the world. Since we can understand if we read the religious books of any religion, that there are two types of spirits that are good and bad spirits in this world.

Good spirits denote the spirits of God, and the evil spirits denote the devil, and these devil spirits also appear in this category. In the tables above, we share these names in the article.


Who Can Use These Names Of Demons?

These demon names are generally for people who want to use these names for thematic parties like Halloween or other thematic parties.

These names that we share in this article are for men and women, as you can see from these tables. There’s no limit to how you guys would like to use these devil names for what purposes. You guys are free to use these names according to your own choice for your own individual purposes.


So, these are the best and cool demon names we share in this article. We also included in this content the other categories related to these names.

You can choose any of these names according to your sex and the way you want.

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