Female Warrior Names List

female warrior names

Would you like to choose a lovely and ardent name that would fit your young baby girl?

These guerrilla names are ideal for the hardest and strongest babies. The choice of a name that means warrior means that you can symbolize your baby girl’s strength.

It can be difficult to choose a strong and unique name. These guerrilla names are perfect to add to your fierce baby girl’s name list. Perhaps you want a guerrilla name that shows your baby triumphed over all odds? These names show you and your baby perfectly overcame the odds.

Perhaps you have an idea of what kind of name you’d like. You might want a Norse name, or a mythological name, or even the name of a famous woman warrior throughout history. Perhaps you want a fierce baby name or a hard name. All these are included in this list.

These names demonstrate that your baby is strong in spirit and will show strength in the future. These names are courage, strength, and courage. The beautiful names in the list are strong and unique; any of them would be great to add to your list of baby names.

See this list of names of girls that mean brave and strong female names for more names.


Names Of The Warrior Girl Battle

These names of battle girls show that your baby is a warrior. The names show strength during the struggle, they can be related to struggle, war or struggle.

22. Alanza (Spanish), which means “ready to fight”

23.Aloise, meaning “famous in battle”

  1. Bathilda, which means “battle” and “battle maid commanding”

25.Boyana (Slavic), “warrior,” “combatant”

26.Brunhilda, meaning “armed for fight”

27.Clothilda, meaning “famous fight maid” 27.

28.Griselda means “dark struggle”

29.Hilda, meaning “woman of battle”

30.Ingred, meaning “battle” and “chair” 30.

31.Luane, which means “graceful battle maid” 31.

32.Matilda, meaning “fighting-powerful”


Mean Fighter Names

A noble and spirited warrior.

Choose a name that shows that your girl is always going to fight. These girl names, which mean fighter, are perfect for your baby warrior.

  1.  Evin, feminine Evan shape, which means “young fighter” 37.
  2. Imelda (Latin), which means “powerful fighter”
  3.  Louisa, meaning “fights with honour” 39.
  4. Telema (Greek), which means “fighter far”
  5. Thyra, meaning “Thor’s battle”
  6. Truda, meaning “woman fighting”
  7. .Zoe (Greek), which means “fighter”

Female Knight And Names Of Warriors

In history, numerous female rulers and warriors fought and ruled vast kingdoms. They were ardent leaders and fighters who played an important role in their subjects. Their names make for strong and powerful names for women. Choose from the following list of female rulers and warriors who have left their mark on history.

  1. Artemisia (Greek origin) means “Hunt deity.” 1. She was the Queen of Caria and the King of Persia’s naval commander.
  2. Boudicca means “victory.” 2. Queen Boudicca led her people against the invasion of the Roman Empire.
  3. Cynane (Greek origin) means “princess warrior.” This is the name of a warrior from Macedonia who was also Alexander the Great’s half-sister.
  4. Eurydice, meaning “wide justice.” She was a fierce warrior and her name is perfect for brave hardy women.
  5. Fu (China origin) means “hibiscus or wealth.” 5. Fu Hao was a General and High Priestess of the Chinese army.
  6. Grace (Latin origin) means “charm” or “graceful.” Grace O’Malley was a pirate queen of Ireland and a ferocious warrior.
  7. Joan, meaning “God is graceful” (Hebrew or French origin) Joan of Arc was a legendary female warrior who at the age of seventeen commanded the French army.
  8. Lozen, which means ‘one who steals horses’ 8. She was a guerrilla female who is said to have been riding and struggling like a man.
  9. Nakano meaning ‘central field,’ or ‘central field,’ Nakano Takeko is one of the only known and fantastic samurai by name.
  10. Olympia (Greek origin) means “Gods’ mountain.” 10. She was the princess of one of Greece’s greatest tribes.

Warrior Woman The World’s Names

Cultures all over the world have names that mean “warrior.” Try one of the lovely options:

  1. Aesira – This Islamic girl’s name means “brave, mighty fighter.”
  2. Ailith – A lovely Old English option, this name is “warrior.”
  3. Alessia – This beautiful Italian name means “warrior defending.”
  4. Aloisa – the “renowned warrior” German name, is a nice and classic choice.
  5. Alvara – Another pretty Italian name, which means “magical elf warrior.”
  6. This strong Latin name means “female warrior.” Bellatrix is Latin.
  7. Louisa – This is a traditional and powerful option, a German name that means “renowned warrior.”
  8. Maia – The name Maori means “brave warrior.”
  9. Malou – This unique English name means “bitter, renowned guerrilla.”
  10. Marcheline – This beautiful French name means “warrior.”
  11. Zelda – This German name means “grey combat maid.”


Girl Names Meaning “Brave”

These names of girls are powerful and brave. Options from all over the world are available:

  1. Amandla – This powerful African name means “mighty, courageous 
  2. Andrea – This beautiful Greek classic girl’s name means ‘brave male defender.’
  3. Anoud – Arabic meaning “brave and brave” for girls.
  4. Bern – This simple French girls’ name means “brave.”
  5. Charlisa – This beautiful German name means ‘brave woman.’
  6. Gala – the name of a lovely Hebrew girl means “happy and courageous.”
  7. Gerarda – The rare name in English means “brave spear woman.”
  8. Gi – This beautiful Korean name is called “brave one.”
  9. Keena – A beautiful Irish name, it means “brave girl.”
  10. Luria – The name means “brave lioness.”
  11. Rilea – An Irish girl’s name, this means “valiant woman.”
  12. Valerie – This French classic name means ‘brave woman.’
  13. Yashica – This girls’ Hindu name means “brave, intelligent, and successful.”
  14. Ziana – This unique name means “fierce and courageous.”

Tough Names Of Women Warriors

The names of women warriors call for parents who want to choose their daughter’s name, which imparts power, wisdom, and courage. Warrior names can be found all around the world, inspired by real-life warrior heroes and female names meaning “warrior.” We are going to look at a blend of both to better understand what the female warrior names are and which are best for a young girl born today.

We will look for names found in many languages and traditions so that we will find something for the tastes of each parent. If you love baby names that sound strong but have subtle yet purposeful meanings, you’ll love girls’ names. These tough names are ideal for babies who become tough girls. These valued names are no frills or fuss! You’re ready to knock?


The story of the mother of Kingston centered on the agony of the raid without providing any details of the type and motivation of a woman her aunt was.

The essay “No Name Woman” shows that this is double, Kingston feared to attract boys and found that it was more critical to be more sisterly because she realized the only punishment for the aunt was abandoned because the support of the town was important not only in life but also in death. The story didn’t decide whether the no-name aunt was her aunt, but it greatly influenced her development as a woman.

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