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Are you looking for a name to use or inspiration to name your baby in French? This list includes over 100 common French boy names, sound files, English italics, and “literal meanings in quotes,” if any. The (parentheses) show any decreases. When there are two different orthographs in the same line, but only one is hyperlinked, the two orthographs are identical.

What’s A Good Name For A Boy In French?

Inspired by the Gallic country, boy names can range from classic to rare, traditional to popular. In 2020, the country was home to the most popular French baby boy names: Gabriel, Leo, Raphael, and Arthur. Surely they stood the time test!

Here are some other French boy names:

  1. Alexandre: People’s Defender
  2. Andre: Male and strong
  3. Beautiful: beautiful or beautiful
  4. Bellamy: Well done friend
  5. Benard: Bear-like Bold
  6. Benoit: Happy!
  7. Chandler: Maker of candles
  8. Charles: Man Free
  9. Chase: Huntin.
  10. Darrell: Open Diggory:
  11. Elroy: Ethan the King: Strong or firm
  12. Forest: Woodsman Forest
  13. Gage: Pledge or oath
  14. Guillaume: William’s French version, a strong protector
  15. Harvey: Warrior or dignified battle
  16. Henri: house ruler
  17. Intellect: Intellect
  18. Jacques: Replacement.
  19. Landry: Lord.
  20. Leo: Leo: Lion.


French Boy Names

French boys’ names include some popular classics, particularly Charles, Louis, and Dennis. The names of French boys in the US Top 1000 are Andre, Beau, Blaise, Bruce, Chase, Curtis, Darrell, Denver, Dion, Josue, Remy, and Royal. Dion, Emilien, Florent, Jules, Lionel, Montague, Pom, and Quincy are the only French boy names in the U.S.

In France, Leo, Gabriel, and the English Tom (yes, Tom) are the top boy names. The most popular French boy names in France include Jules and Corentin. In other French-speaking countries, the most popular boy name is a blend of French and non-French choices. Louis and Jules are the only French names to be listed among the Top 10 Belgian boys names led by the Biblical Hebrew Adam, the Irish Liam, and the Celtic Arthur. Gabriel is the number one boy name among French-speaking Swiss parents and Louis the only French boys in the Top 10. Olivier and Antoine are the most popular French boy names in French Quebec.

Check out our complete collection of names for French boys. The following top names are among the top 1000 baby names in the US and are ordered by popularity. Unique names are listed alphabetically below the Top 1000.

You may also want to check the list of French girl names.


Origin Of Marshall:

 French Signification: 

“One Who Looks After Horses


 Marshall is an occupational nickname,

 not a military or martial name but a Norman French nickname for someone who cares for horses. It is used as its first name since the 19th century and since its publication in 1880, it has been on the Social Security list.


Origin Russell:

 French Signification: “

Redhead, Fox-Colored”


 Russell had a measure of popularity from the beginning of the 20th century through to the 1950s, one of the many R- boys that began as a redhead nickname. But much of its colours are now lost – with the exception of a few dynamic bears, Russell Crowe and Russell Brand actors and sports stars Russell Westbrook and Russell Wilson.


Beloved French Boy Names

These names are among the most popular names for French babies in France and the Francophone world.

1.Albert (al-berr), meaning “aristocratic,” means “bright.”

2.Arthur, meaning “noble”

3.Blaise, meaning “to stutter.”

4.Claude, meaning “one who limps.”

5.Jacques (jac), meaning “person replacing.”

  1. John, meaning “God is graceful.”
  2. Julien, meaning “love-born child.

8.Raphael, meaning “God Healed.”

9.René (ren-ey), meaning “born-again.”

10.Samuel (sam-well), meaning ‘asked of God.’

11.Simon (see-mon), meaning “God’s heard.”

12.Theodore, which means “God’s Blessed.”

13.Tristan, meaning ‘full of sorrow.’

Chic and Classique French boy names.


In France In 2022 There Were The Most Popular French Names For Boys:

 Gabriel, Leo, Raphael, and Arthur. Not only are these names traditional, but they also show that traditional names remain the most popular for boys. Are you looking for your baby’s French boy names?

Is it difficult to find the name of a rare French boy?

Looking for the name of a traditional French baby boy?

Do you want to find a unique name for French boys with a fine meaning? Here is a list of more than 100 French Boy names with meanings from which to choose Give your baby a sweet name for French boys no one ever will forget. Unique French boys from A Abelard – Brave Abel

Aimon – House, Home Home

Little Rock Alain

Alexandre – People’s Defender

Alphonse – Ready and Noble

Little Father – Immortal

Souls – Friend

Anatole – Anatolian

Andre – Mankind


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Beloved French boy names with a B Bastian – revered, venerable,

Bayard – Red-brown or foolish hair

Beautiful – beautiful, beautiful.

Beaumont – Lovely mountain

Good Friend Bellamy

Benard – Blissful Bear

Benoit – Happy

Bern – Bear-Bold

Ancient French kid Names Beginning With D Damond – The World

Danniell – my Judge is God

Danon – my Judge is God

darkness – darkness

Dartagnan – Artagnan person, France

Davignon – Avignon, France France

French Boy Names Beginning with The Rich Guardian Edouard

Elie – my God is Lord

Elroy – The Queen

Top French Boys from the F Fabrice – Smith

Fleming – Fleming – Fleming

Best French Boy Names To Give Your Son

CategoriesNames of babies

Best French Names In 2021 To Give Your Son

Are you ready to start thinking about your little boy’s baby names? Choosing a name is one of the most exciting milestones for expectant mothers and fathers, and many are inspired by French names!

French children’s names are beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, and yet unique enough to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

And who does not want the name of his baby to be associated with one of the world’s most beautiful countries?

France is not only a country with hundreds of years of rich history but is also known worldwide for its magnificent capital, Paris, and its fashion, culture, and cuisine.

Not to mention that French is one of the most romantic languages in the world, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider your little one a few French names!


In the French language, there are many French words, and many of them can make every horse a fantastic name. It all takes a couple of patients, a list of your favorites, and a few days to get to know your unique horse inside and outside.

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