How To Type Square Root In Word

how to type square root

In order to code square root, the first thing you need to do is open the text where you want the square root symbol to appear. As long as you’re using Windows software that allows you to text, you may utilize this technique, even in your web browser.

The symbol will be set in that location if you tap on it.

To do this, click on the Alt key and then click on 2, 5, and 1. Please enter the numeric 10-key pad numbers on the keyboard. After you’ve typed 1, remove your finger from the Alt key. Then, the square root symbol will show up.

In the case of a laptop keyboard without a 10-button numerical keypad, follow these steps:

  • In this case, you’ll need to hold down Fn+F11. It activates the numerical keypad by enabling the number lock. In the top-right corner of keys, U through O are blue numerals in the shape of a triangle.
  • Press and hold the Alt key.
  • K, I, and J should be typed in order. Two, five, and one-letter keys are available. It inserts the square root symbol into the equation.
  • Press Fn+F11 to turn off the Number Lock.


How To Type Square Root In Word

Is there a way to enter the square root in a Word document? Check out Tripboba’s methods below if you’re searching for a tutorial on how to insert the Square Root Symbol in Word!

You may easily insert the square root symbol into other Office products, such as Excel, PowerPoint, or Access, by using any of the techniques shown here.

How to enter square root in Word using the Insert Equation technique is the first way to do it. Microsoft Word’s Equation Insertion feature makes it easy to type math symbols. Using this application, you may quickly insert any mathematical symbol into your word document.

The following instructions will show you how to type square root:

  • Insert the square root symbol by moving the insertion cursor to the desired location.
  • Press Alt+= on your keyboard to bring up the Equation Field.

The code for each character or symbol in Microsoft Word is called a character code. It is possible to place symbols on the keyboard by using this code. Alt Code is another name for it. Alt+251 or 221A, then Alt+X, is the Alt code for the Square Root symbol.

You may attach the symbol using Alt code by following these three simple steps:

  • You’ll need to position your cursor where you want the square root symbol to appear.
  • Alt key pressed and held, input 251 on the numeric keypad. As soon as you release your finger off the Alt code, the sign () will appear in your text.
  • Copying and pasting the symbol into MS Word may be the most efficient method. Copy and paste every icon into your work regardless of the application in which it is being used
  • To enter square root in Word, you may also use the insert symbol dialogue box. This method eliminates the need for a keyboard.
  • Use it in apps such as Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Access that have the ability to enter symbols, not in other applications. The steps are as follows:
  • On the Insert page, click the Symbol icon and then pick More Symbols.
  • Search for the Symbol
  • Click the Insert button to choose the symbol. Double-click on the square root symbol to copy and paste it into your text, then dismiss the window.

How To Type Root Symbol On Android?

With today’s keyboards, you may add a root symbol to your text. Using Google Keyboard as an example, we’ll show you how to install it there.
Start typing in any text field on your Android device to launch the keyboard.
Next, click the? 123 key on your keyboard. The primary symbol list from the keyboard will show first.
To learn more symbols, touch on the (=) key on your keyboard. The root appears on the following keyboard layout. Enter by clicking on the root symbol.

How To Type A Square Root Symbol On An iPhone?

There is a stock symbol gallery on iOS devices’ keyboards, just as there is on Android devices. There are a lot of symbols in the gallery that might complicate your typing if you are in a hurry.
It is possible to use a shortcut to find a certain symbol by pressing a different key or key combination. We’ll use square or cube symbols as an example.


How To Create Square Root Symbols On Facebook?

When you’re having a heated conversation with your friends about the next math exam, you’ll need to enter mathematical symbols a lot. Facebook allows you to do it in a somewhat different method than other social media sites. Numbers must be entered and then transformed into mathematical symbols.
Alt + 253 is what you need to input in order to get a square symbol. As with the root sign, you’ll need to hold down the Alt key and type “251.”

How Do You Type Special Characters on Android?

When texting or publishing to Facebook from your Android device, you may use special characters. As a result, the input method may differ depending on the keyboard or stock version used.

After clicking on the? 123 buttons on the keyboard, you’ll find the characters that are part of so-called common symbol sets. Suppose, therefore, that the special characters are a distinct or modified form of alphabets. Then you may find it by pressing and holding the letter you want to look for. As a result, it’ll display the special characters or letters that correspond to it.

You may also need to activate the emoji from the keyboard options if it is not showing up when you try to enter an emoji icon or symbol. A keyboard layout with an emoji symbol should show instead.

How To Insert Square Root Symbol In Laptop?

The laptop keyboard does not have a numerical keypad, therefore you’ll have to use the instructions below to enter the Square Root.

  1. First, open a Microsoft Word document to which you wish to add the Square Root function.
  2. Number lock may be activated by pressing the number lock key or pressing Fn + F11 to transform your keyboard into a numeric one.
  3. In the meanwhile, The square root symbol may be inserted into your Word document by pressing Alt + KJI at the same time. The number 251 is linked with the KJI.
  4. Press Fn+F11 once again to switch off Number Lock.

How To Insert Square Root Symbol In Mac?

Simple and easy to use Square Root Symbol in Microsoft Word on a Mac computer.

  • You should first open the Word document on your Mac.
  • Click where you wish to add the square root symbol to your document.
  • To retrieve the square root symbol, press Option + V on your keyboard.

How To Make A Square Root Symbol With Alt Codes

Computer keyboard shortcuts allow you to enter symbols into documents, which saves you time. Your computer keyboard layout does not have symbols that may be accessed by using the “Alt” key. For the square root symbol, both Windows and Mac have a shortcut.

Step 1

To input, the shortcut key, use the computer’s separate numeric keypad, which is generally located on the right side of the keyboard. Number keys on the top row of the Qwerty keypad on most computers do not create the required symbol. Activate the numerical lock function by pressing “Num Lock”.

Step 2

Press “Alt” while typing the number “251” on your numeric keypad. “will appear as the square root symbol.

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