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Word 2010 allows you to add characters beyond the console’s 26 letters of the alphabet, numbers, a sprinkling of images, and accentuation symbols. Word, for example, provides a wide range of fun outside dialect letters and images. You have two or three options for embedding a memorable character or image in your record:

The Symbol menu is as follows: On the Insert tab, click the Symbol order catch in the Symbol aggregate. A rundown of some well-known or recently utilized images appears. Choosing an image from the menu inserts the unusual image into your content (where you currently have the inclusion pointer) in the same way that you would any other character.


The exchange box for symbols is as follows: The Symbol discourse box appears when you select More Symbols from the Symbol menu. To see odd and irregular characters, select a brightening text style from the Font menu, such as Wingdings. Select (Normal Text) from the Font drop-down menu to see the full range of possibilities for ordinary content. To see even more images and such, use the Subset drop-down menu.

To insert a character from the Symbol exchange box into your report, select the image and tap the Insert catch. When you’re finished with the Symbol dialogue box, press the Cancel button.

The image’s code is as follows: You can embed images by typing the image’s code and then pressing the Alt+X key combination. The sigma character, for example, has the code 2211: In your record, type 2211 and then press Alt+X. The number 2211 is magically transformed into the sigma symbol. A quick Web search will yield an asset containing a list of images and their comparing codes.

The symbols for afoot, or “ft,” and an inch, or “in,” can be found on your keyboard. If you want to insert the symbol for these two metric units in Microsoft Office Word, you don’t need to go to the “Symbol” section. The symbol for foot (ft) is a single quote (‘). The double quote (“) is used to represent inches (in).

Both can be found on your keyboard, so there’s no need to insert a symbol when it’s just a button away. If you want to write “5 ft 8 in” in symbols, for example, you can use 5′ 8”.

In both the imperial and US customary measurement systems, the foot is a unit of length. It is abbreviated as “ft” and referred to as “feet” in the plural. Three feet (3 ft) is equal to one yard, and one foot (1 ft) is equal to twelve inches (12 in) (1 yd).


How To Type Inch Symbol On Keyboard

There are several ways to type symbols on the keyboard in Windows.

In this section, I’ll show you how to type or insert the inch sign on your keyboard using five different methods.

Let’s get started without further ado.

Using Alt Code

The alt code for the inch symbol is 0148. Despite the fact that this Symbol has its own key on the keyboard, you can also type it using the Alt code method. To do so, open your Word document and move the insertion pointer to the symbol you want to type. Then, using the numeric keypad, press and hold the Alt key while typing the Symbol’s Alt code (i.e. 0148).

This method is only compatible with Windows. A numeric keypad is also required on your keyboard.

Also, to type the Inch Symbol in Word, type 0022, then simultaneously press the Alt and X keys to convert the code to an Inch Symbol.

The following is a step-by-step guide to typing the inch sign on your Windows PC:

Place your insertion pointer where the symbol is required. On your keyboard, press and hold one of the Alt keys.

Press the Symbol’s alt code while holding down the Alt key (0148). To type the alt code, you must use the numeric keypad. This method may not work if you are using a laptop without a numeric keypad. On some laptops, you can access a hidden numeric keypad by pressing Fn+NmLk on the keyboard.

To insert the Symbol into your document, release the Alt key after typing the Alt code.

Using The Inch Symbol Shortcut

The Inch Symbol shortcut on the keyboard is broken down as follows:

Place the insertion pointer where you want it.

Then hold down Shift+′. (apostrophe).

The steps to type the Inch Symbol are as follows.


Copy And Paste

Another simple way to get the Inch symbol on any PC is to copy and paste, which is my preferred method.

All you have to do is copy the symbol from somewhere (for example, a web page or the character map for Windows users) and paste it where you need it (for example, in Word or Excel).

You can copy and paste the symbol into your Word document by clicking on it below. Simply select it and press Ctrl+C to copy it, then switch to Microsoft Word, place your insertion pointer where you want it, and press Ctrl+V to paste it.


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