How To Type Plus Or Minus Symbol In Word/Excel

plus minus symbol

In order to type the Plus or Minus symbol or to insert symbols that do not have dedicated keys on the keyboard, Microsoft Office provides a number of different methods.

There are five different methods you can use to type or insert the Plus-Minus Sign on your computer, such as in Microsoft Office (i.e. Word, Excel, or PowerPoint), and they are available to both Mac and Windows users.

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Using The Plus-Minus Symbol Alt Code (Windows Only)

Despite the fact that this Symbol does not have a dedicated key on the keyboard, it is still possible to type it on the keyboard using the Alt code method. Use the numeric keypad to enter the Plus Minus Symbol Alt code (for example, 0177) while pressing the Alt key and holding it down.

This method is only compatible with Windows. Additionally, your keyboard must include a numeric keypad.

To type the Plus or Minus Sign on a Windows computer, follow these steps, which are outlined below:

Put your insertion pointer where you want the text for the Plus or Minus Symbols to appear.

  1. Press and hold one of the Alt keys on your keyboard for a couple of seconds.
  2. While maintaining control of the Alt key, enter the alt code for the Plus or Minus Symbol (0177). To enter the alternate code, you must use the numeric keypad. When using a laptop with no numeric keypad, you may find that this method does not work properly for you. Depending on the laptop, there may be a hidden numeric keypad that can be accessed by pressing the keys Fn+NmLk on the keyboard.
  3. After typing the Plus or Minus Sign Alt code, press and hold the Alt key for a few seconds to insert the Symbol into your document.


Copy And Paste Plus Or Minus Sign

Another simple method for getting the Plus or Minus Symbol on any PC is to copy and paste it, which is my personal favorite.

You simply copy the symbol from a source such as a web page or the character map for Windows users, then navigate to the location where the symbol is required (such as Word or Excel), and press Ctrl+V to paste it.

You can copy and paste the symbol from the following page into your Word document. Simply select it and press Ctrl+C to copy it. Then switch to Microsoft Word, place your insertion pointer where you want it, and press Ctrl+V to paste it into the desired location.

Alternatively, you can simply copy the contents of this post using the copy button at the beginning of this post.


Follow the steps outlined below to copy and paste the Plus or Minus Symbol using the character map dialogue box if you are using Windows.

  1. Click on the Start button and type in “Character Map” in the search box. The Character Map app will appear in the search results; simply click on it to launch it in your browser.

The Character Map dialogue box will appear after that. By selecting the Advanced view check-box, the dialogue box will be expanded to include additional advanced options.

  1. In the Search box of the advanced view, type the words Plus Minus.

You should now be able to see the Plus-Minus Symbol on the character map dialogue.

4. For those who cannot see it, you should search through the library of symbols until you find one that matches your needs. When you’ve found it, double-click it to make it your selection. Alternatively, you can select the option by clicking on the Select button.

  1. After you have selected the symbol by double-clicking on it, it should appear in the Character to copy: field. To copy the symbol, click on the Copy button on the clipboard.

Transfer the text from the clipboard to your Microsoft Word or Excel document and paste it by pressing the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut.

Use this method to copy and paste any symbol on a Windows PC using the Character Map dialogue box.

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