Popular And Good Last Names

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Every character needs a unique and unforgettable surname!

First names and surnames can define the identity of people. If you think, for example, of names like Angel or Rose, you connect them to angels, soft and loving figures.

Having your character’s perfect last name is as important as its first name. Good last names should complement the first name and provide a more rounded feel to your character. Below, we’ve collected many of your most charming last names – whether it’s in your book, play, or game.

When creating your characters, choosing the last name is essential, as this can make your character come to life. It is difficult to choose an adequate name, as they’re often appear to be endless options. While most of us think long and hard about our first names, the last names are often overlooked. Below we have more than 100 options to help you search. We hope that you will find one that fits your character perfectly.


Popular And Good Last Names

A popular last name can fit your character perfectly. Below are some of the most common pretty last names that can fit your character.

  1. Abbott, meaning “the head of the monastery” (Hebrew origin)
  2. Albright Name after Austria region.
  3. Alcott means “cottage,” meaning “cottage.”
  4. Archer means “bowman.” (English origin).
  5. Fifth Austin It’s one of the common English names, means “big.”
  6. Barlow means “a pocket knife.” (Old English origin)
  7. Bishop, a good last name for a figure in a storey that means “protector.”
  8. Bradshaw, a glamorous girl like Carrie Bradshaw, (English origin).
  9. Brennan means a little raven (Irish origin).
  10. Bright English surname; ideal for a happy and cheerful person.
  11. Sweets 11. It comes under common names; ideal for describing a sweet, delicate girl or lady.
  12. Rooms 12. Common English surname; gives the person a lot of class and dignity.
  13. Cooper, “a barrel maker” (English origin).
  14. Dempsey means “proud.” (Irish origin)
  15. Earwood (originally from Anglo-Saxon) sounds very beautiful and very English.

Fancy UK Last Names

  1. Andilet   Signification: Messager.
  2. Significance:     Light or independent and willing.
  3. Bancroft   Significance: Boean field.
  4. Bandini   Signification: “Anyone who sticks together,” or “is bound.”
  5. Carmichael   Significance: Child.
  6. Cobain   Significance: a rock star.
  7. Dalton   Significance: “With a path to life.”
  8. Duke    Significance: Leader.
  9. Elffire   Significance: Foolish flame.
  10. Feather Swallow    Meaning: trader or a bird-like person.
  11. Granger    Signification: Granary.
  12. Significance: Cool.

SUrnames As Baby Boy Forenames

  1. Anderson: 

Significance: Anderson means ‘Anders/son. Andrew’s

  1. Beckett Signification:

 Beckett is an old English surname that means “bee cottage.”

  1. Brady Significance:

 an Irish name that means ‘spirited, large.’

  1. Carter Significance: 

Carter is an Irish and Scottish family name and means cart or cart maker.

  1. Cooper Meaning:

 Cooper is an English-speaking surname derived from the employment of a wooden vessel rehabilitator, such as barrels, tubs, and fats.

  1. Cole meaning:

 Cole is the name originating in southwestern England from Cornwall. It is charcoal. It is charcoal.

  1. Dawson Significance:

 Dawson is an English surname meaning ‘Son of David’

  1. Davis Meaning:

 Davis is a Welsh surname for David’s son.

  1. Significance of Dixon: 

Dixon is a Scottish nickname meaning ‘son of Richard.’

  1. A Gaelic name which means

 “warrior,” or “hero.”

Pretty And Polished, Girls’ Last Names Are Outstanding Surnames. Honor A loved One with Our Collection Or Try Something New.


In recent years, last names for girls have grown in popularity. Parents are not able to get enough stunners of these surnames. Let’s get some of our highlights to know.

The first names for girls in the surname are those with famous associations. This group is very attentive and gives a lot of last names for girls on the baby names charts. There is Lennon on the musical side, the nickname of a certain Beatle wearing glasses. There’s also Presley, King of Rock and Roll’s last name. Others like fashion icons, like Monroe, Marilyn Monroe’s surname, and model. Brinkley, Christie Brinkley’s last name, is a fun twist to this style. You will see a lot of last names for girls that you recognize from a famous face as you browse our list.

Many of us love surname names for girls because of their preppy side, and we can see why completely. Our all-star in this group is Sutton, a gem with endless chart potential. She’s polished like her more popular friends Parker and Kennedy, but there’s no widespread use that will help her get out. We also love Collins and we can portray her with a love to read on a cardigan cutie. Campbell is like her and with Cameron’s rise for girls, she’s ready to rock the charts. Kensington, Carrington, and Preston complete this group for us.

Other girls’ last names have a stronger appeal and crude strength, earning fans worldwide. Harley and her rhyming friend Marley are obvious picks, but so is a surname for a weapon manufacturer Remington. Remington has the super cute nickname Remi, too. You may also use meanings for strength, such as “fair warrior” of Finley, or “home strength” of Emery.

There are many more incredible last names for girls waiting to find them on our list. Enjoy!

THE First Names For Girls

Today I’m so excited to start our new baby name series! We have had so many marvellous submissions and we will go as far as we can. We hope, even if we don’t specifically reach you, that you will find names you love through someone who has perhaps asked you a similar question or style!

When you wonder who is the “we” I’m talking about, it’s me and Lauren, my closest friend! Baby naming is a subject we had fun with ourselves, with family and friends, and the baby name posts that I shared on this blog were some of my most popular all times, so clearly we are not alone! Both of us will brainstorm the initial list of names we share here based on our submissions…

And that’s where you’re all coming in! After we have shared our suggestions, we would like to hear that you share any names that fit the description of the comments below! Let’s help out a few moms!! It will be so fun. So let’s get to Annie M’s first baby name subject without further ado!!


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