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Many people love Vine and can’t see them enough. There are hilarious vines and memorable vines, which are iconic everywhere. And that’s why Vines were so popular between 2013 and 2017.

Although we might say goodbye to Vines in 2017, quotes are still quite memorable and very iconic even today. Here are some of the quotes from Vine that we think are at the top.

Although Vine usually includes comedy videos and has funny lines, this quote is a wake-up call in the sense that it strikes us right in the heart. It is truly true that we must all recognize the fact that each and every action has corresponding implications before we decide on these measures.

Best Wine Quotations

“What is the goddamn thing, Kyle? No, what have you been saying? What the hell, man? Step fuck up, Kyle! Step the fuck up!”

  • “Working ahead of the road? Yeah, I hope that it will.”
  • “Lipstick? In my white Valentino bag?!”
  • “I love you, Country Boy, bleh.”
  • “Keisha? Ms. Keisha? Keisha? Ms. Keisha? Oh, my goddess, she fuckin’ dead.”
  • “You can’t kill me, I’m a bad bitch.”
  • “They were roommates, Oh my God.”
  • “Next time you put your goddamn hands on me, goddamn imma rip you face-off, bitch.”
  • “I am Jared, I am 19, and I never learned to fuckin’ how to read.”
  • “Hello, Chile’s welcome.”


Famous Quotes For wines

  • “My guys, it’s Wednesday.”
  • “Look at all the chickens.”
  • “I’m not getting enough chicken nugget money.”
  • “Wtf, is this permitted? Wtf, is that permitted?!”
  • “This is your area, it’s your area, you can’t do it.”
  • “Adam!”
  • “Wow!”
  • “Fuck already fucking chicken strips.”
  • “It was legitimacy.”
  • “The dude of mother trucker, hurt like a butt on a stick.”

Best Vine Quotations

  • “Work ahead of the road? Yeah, I’m sure it’s hopeful.”
  • “Lipstick? In my white Valentino bag?!”
  • “I love you, Country boy… bleh.”
  • “What’s up with [email protected], Kyle? No, what have you said? What’s the [email protected], man? Step up the [email protected], Kyle, step up!”
  • “This is Mr. Keisha? Ms Keisha? Ms Keisha? Oh my god [email protected], she’s dead [email protected]
  • 2021 Best Vine Quotes
  • 2021 Best Vine Quotes
  • “You can’t kill me, I’m a bad bitch.”
  • “They were roommates, Oh my God.”
  • “Next time you put your [email protected]’ hands on me, rip off your face, bitch, imma [email protected]’.”
  • “I’m Jared, I’m 19, and I never learned how to read. I never learned how to read.”
  • “Hello, welcome to Chile.”
  • “My guys, this is Wednesday.”
  • Best Vine Quotations
  • “Look at all the chickens.”
  • “I haven’t enough chicken nugget money.”
  • “Wtf, is this permitted? Wtf, is that permitted?!”
  • “It’s your space, it’s your area, she can’t do it to you.”
  • [email protected] already chicken bands.”


Most Iconic Quotas For Vine

“Uh, I’m not over” “My God, can you just allow me to do what I need?”

“I’ve got osteoporosis.”

*girl blows stepping* “…WoW” *running* “…papa?” “I just look like-?”

*Water on the face of the girl* “Hello?”

“Wait, wait, wait, Mr. Postman for a minute.” “HaaaAHH”

“…and they were co-workers” “They were roommates, Mah God!”

“Sleep? Sleep, I don’t know… it’s summer.” “You’re not going to go to bed?” “Oh, she caught me, she caught me.”

“Everything I want to tell you is not important school… Be whatever you want. Be whatever you want. If you would like to be a dog… RUFF. You know?” You know?

“Oh, where do you like accent?” “I am Liberian.” I am liberian. “Oh, my bad. I like your accent *whispering*…”

“Please, next.” “Hello.” “It’s a mug shot, sir.”

“Shot a mug? Even I don’t drink coffee.”

“Hey, last week you just went to class?” “There’s never a class I missed.”

“Go forward and introduce yourself.” “My name is Michael with a B and I was scared of my whole insect” “

 “Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Where?” “Hmm?” “Where is this B?” “Is it a bee?”

“One thing is worse than a rapist…

Boom” “A child.” “A child.” “No.”

“Soon, Mom. What’s up? What’s up? My boys and I will see Uncle Kracker… Give me my spirit, JORDAN! WILL YOU BE A CLASSING OR NO?”

“Dad, look, it’s a good dollar shop,” he says. “How good is the dollars shop?”

“It’s a lawyer…thanks”

“Yo, how much money are you getting?” “69 pcs” “AYE, what does that mean?” “I haven’t enough chicken nugget money.”

“Katrina Hurricane? More like Tortilla hurricane.”

“Hey, you want to have some Tara?” “This b* is empty percent th. YEET!”



In the meantime, Snapchat was the casual mass-market lifecasting application that Vine’s founders had once put their products on Twitter, and that allowed users to send 10 seconds of clips and (later) broadcast them publicly. When other platforms came forward, some Vine stars started negotiating to get the service paid for. However, the talks stopped and the Washington Post found that Vine users with great successes shared new videos much less often before May.

Vine was rarely stable at the management level for a long time. Hofmann left to pursue a new startup in 2014. Later that year, Kroll followed him out of the door. As part of mass layoffs last year, Twitter laid off Yusupov, who was Vine’s creative director. (“Don’t sell your company!” Thursday he tweeted.) Jason Toff took over Vine in 2014 and led him to work on Google’s virtual reality projects two years before he quit this year. After working on a series of music start-ups, Hannah Donovan became general manager in March. His lack of experience with a company led certain employees I talked to question whether their recruitment could be the beginning of the end.

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